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Williams Toyota of Sayre | Meet the Williams Toyota Team in Sayre, PA 18840

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  • Randy Williams

    Randy is one of the most successful businessmen in the region, however you would never know it just by talking to him. With his roots in the region, being from and currently residing in Towanda, PA, he cares deeply about the success of the area. His love for his home region extends all the way to his favorite restaurants, Lib's Supper Club in Elmira, NY and Tony R's in Corning, NY. Randy is a huge fan of Auto Racing, and even raced dirt track motorcycles himself for 8 years! He is also a fan of the New York Football Giants, as well as Syracuse Basketball. His  two favorite vehicles are a Jaguar XKE, and an Autsin Heally 3000. In his spare time, you can find Randy either with his friends or family, or spending the day hitting the ski slopes.

  • Dalton Williams
    Operations Manager
    (570) 888-2135

    Dalton grew up in Towanda, Pa. and attended Syracuse University, where he graduated with a dual degree in Supply Chain Management and Marketing Management. Out of college, Dalton travelled the country working for the Lexus branch of Toyota Motor Corp, but he has recently returned home to take up the task of becoming the Director of Operations for the Williams Auto Group. Dalton has both the education as well as the first experience to lead this company forward in an ever-changing market. Dalton is also a very artistically inclined individual. He can play the guitar, and the piano, as well as sing. He even once played Jesus, in a production of "Jesus Christ Superstar".  He loves to write and record his own music, whenever he gets the chance. He also enjoys skiing, fast cars (in particular the Jaguar F-Type Coupe, Porsche 911, and Lexus LC500,) and cheering on the New York Giants, and the Syracuse Orange.

  • Marlene Budnick

    Marlene is part of our Williams Toyota, Williams Toyota of Elmira and Williams Kia stores! She is from Galeton, Pennsylvania and now resides in Alpine, New York. After working with so many different manufacturers we had to ask what her favorite car is. Can you guess what she said? It's a classic, 1988 Chevy Camaro convertible! Outside of work she enjoys homestead arts and loves her Wednesday night Hiz Kidz! Would you have guessed she is a football fan? During NFL season you'll find her cheering on the Buffalo Bills. Marlene loves to sit back and enjoy a delicious meal at her favorite restaurant, Granview, located in Ogdenburg, New York. If you happen to see Marlene will passing through one of our dealerships be sure to say hello! She always has a smile on her face!

  • Emily Osborn
    Marketing Director

    Say hello to the face behind all of the Williams Auto Group's advertising! Emily is born and raised here in Sayre, PA and currently resides here as well. She has been with Williams Auto Group since college when she did her senior internship here. Since Emily works with every manufacturer here at our Auto Group, we had to ask what her favorite make and model, the winner is the Ford Explorer! During her free time she loves going to concerts and going out to eat at her favorite restaurant, The Boatyard Grill in Ithaca, New York.  Emily also really enjoys sports! You'll find her rooting on the Indianapolis Colts and the New York Yankees.

  • Jim Lister
    General Manager

    Meet our General Manager here at Williams Toyota. You'll see Jim's smiling face when you arrive at our dealership. He currently drives a Toyota Tundra and it also happens to be his favorite Toyota model. Jim is originally from Dallas, PA and now resides in Athens, PA with his wife and three kids. During his free time he enjoys watching his kids play sports, dance and he loves to coach. He also loves to kick back with family and friends, listen to country music and soak up the warm weather. Spring and summer are his favorite time of year! One of his and his families favorite place to enjoy a dinner out is Yanuzzi's Restaurant in Sayre, PA. As we mentioned above, Jim his a huge sports fan. During football season you'll find him rooting on his Philadelphia Eagles and during baseball season he supports the New York Yankees. When you're in visiting our dealership, stop in and say hi to Jim!

  • Dave Lundy
    General Sales Manager

    I have worked for Williams Auto Group for 21 years. I live with my wife in Towanda and have two children and one grandchild. I am a Penn State grad and enjoy skiing, hiking and biking.

  • Tom Turner
    Used Car Manager

    Meet Tom Turner, our Used Car Manager! Tom has been with Williams Auto Group since 2010. He was born and raised in Owego, New York and now resides in Glen Aubrey, New York. Tom's favorite type of vehicle are GMC Trucks. Along with his love for vehicle's he also really enjoys riding his Harley Motorcycle. When he isn't out riding his motorcycle he loves to go out and enjoy a delicious meal at the Number 5 in Binghamton, New York or at Oak's Inn in Endicott, New York. Tom is also a football and basketball fan. He likes to cheer on the Dallas Cowboys and the Chicago Bulls!

  • Karen Rockwell
    Finance Manager

    Karen Rockwell is the woman you'll be speaking with and working hands-on with during your purchasing process! Karen was born and raised here in Sayre, PA and resides here currently with her husband. She has spent a lot of time getting to know the vehicles here at the Auto Group but her favorite is the Toyota Camry. When she isn't working she enjoys to read, quilt and spend time with her family. One of her favorite places to go out to eat in the valley is Many's Bar and Grill in Sayre, PA. She is a true supporter of her alumni, the Sayre Redskins. If you ever have questions regarding warranty coverages, leasing or financing don't hesitate to reach out to Karen. She is always happy to help!

  • Gary Archer
    Sales Consultant

    Gary Archer is one of our go-to salesman here at Williams Toyota. He is personable, helpful, and fun to get to know! Gary is from Ridgebury, Pennsylvania and now resides in Athens, PA with his wife. If you ask him what his favorite Toyota model is he will respond, with no hesitation, the Toyota Camry! During his free time he loves to get outdoors to camp and fish. When it comes to food, he prefers a delicious home cooked meal right from his kitchen! There's nothing better than that. Especially when the whole family is around! Gary has five children and six grandchildren. If you ever need assistance with a Toyota, Kia, Nissan, Honda, Ford or Lincoln don't hesitate to reach out to Gary!

  • Cody Winsor
    Sales Consultant

    Cody Winsor is one of our technology and vehicle gurus! If you have a question regarding an engine or how to pair your mobile device to your vehicle, Cody is your man. With that being said, we had to ask what his favorite vehicle is! It's the new 2017 Toyota 86. Very good choice! Cody enjoys all things racing and autocross. Outside of the auto industry Cody likes to indulge in the delicious food from iHop in Vestal, New York. If you have any vehicle related questions, be sure to contact Cody!

  • Shawn Mastrantonio
    Sales Consultant

    I'm sure this is a familiar face to most of you but if it's not, you'll find joy in getting to know this incredible human and someone we like to call family! Shawn is born and raised here in Sayre, PA and now resides right down the road in Athens, PA with his wife. Shawn has sold a lot of different makes and models but he says his all time favorite is the stylish and rugged, Toyota 4Runner. During his free time he really enjoys to run and spend quality time with his wife, Kim. Back in 2016, Shawn ran and finished the Boston Marathon. How amazing is that? Along with enjoying the sport of running, he also loves to keep up with other types of sports teams such as the Pittsburgh Steelers, New York Yankees and UNC Mens College Basketball. If you happen to be in our dealership, stop by and see Shawn. He is a joy to be around and always has a smile on his face.

  • Joe Mattocks
    Sales Consultant

    Joe is has been with Williams Auto Group for 25 years and has been in the car industry for 65 years. Holy moly! He is your go-to man when is comes to purchasing a new vehicle! He was born in Troy, Pennsylvania and now resides in Towanda, Pennsylvania with his wife. Him and is wife have been together for 62 years and they still love spending quality time together such as going to spending local sporting events! Along with supporting local sports teams he also likes to cheer on the New York Yankees and the New York Giants. Joe is a huge family man and always looks forward to their yearly family vacation in the Outer Banks, North Carolina. He also loves to enjoy a delicious meal with his loved ones at his favorite restaurant, Steak House, in Wellsboro, Pennsylvania. We are lucky have Joe on our team, he is a joy to work with! 

  • Clayton Templar
    Sales Consultant

    I have been part of the Williams Auto Group since March of 2006 when we began our expansion. I've helped family, friends and fellow COTT members with their automotive needs in the community for 25 years. Now my children, customers and friends' children are driving. It's all about helping one another. Happy Motoring!

  • Christopher Royea
    Sales Consultant

    Chris is part of our Williams Toyota team here in Sayre, PA. He is from Endicott, New York. He started is automotive career as a lot attendant then moved to sales in 1998. In his spare time he enjoys doing auto body work. Chris's favorite vehicle is the Toyota Tundra. We love it too, Chris! Outside of the auto industry and working on cars, Chris likes to enjoy a delicious meal at Oak's Inn in Endicott, New York. He also is a huge sports fan and likes to cheer on the New England Patriots, Penn State and Syracuse Basketball. When you're in for a visit, stop in to say hello! He loves meeting new people.

  • Gerri Platt
    Sales Consultant

  • Cody White
    Service Writer

    When you bring your vehicle into service Cody is probably one of the faces that'll greet you when you walk in the door! He grew up here in the valley and resides in Sayre, PA. Cody is a basketball coach at Athens Area High School and truly enjoys it. He also says he can hula hoop for hours without stopping. Can you? Cody is a true sports fanatic and likes to root on some of his favorite teams; Penn State, Atlanta Braves, Chicago Bulls and Oakland Raiders. When he isn't indulging in sports he likes to indulge in delicious Italian food at the Barstow House located in Nichols, NY. He has never been disappointment in a meal there!

  • Tori Chandler
    Service Advisor

    When you bring your vehicle in for service or call with service related questions, Tori is the girl you will speak with! She is from Forrest City, Arkansas and currently resides in Waverly, NY with her boyfriend. Outside of work Tori enjoys baking all kinds of goodies and really enjoys eating them too! Her favorite place to dine is Olive Garden. She recommends the Five Cheese Ziti! Tori also really enjoys rooting on her favorite sports teams like Penn State, the San Antonio Spurs and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Be sure to stop in and say hello to Tori when you visit our dealership!

  • Bob Smith
    Parts Advisor

    When you're in need of a part for your vehicle, Bob is the man you call! His hometown is in Milford, Connecticut and he now resides in Big Flats, New York. He loves old time cars and his favorite is a 1973 Pontiac Grand Am 6.0L. Bob bowls every week and also participates in tournaments. He has used the same bowling ball for the last 28 years. Holy moly! Her name is Black Beauty. When he isn't bowling he likes to go out to eat at his favorite restaurant, Outback Steakhouse in Big Flats, NY. Bob is a a sports fan and likes to cheer on the New York Mets and the Dallas Cowboys.

  • Rick Close
    Toyota Technician

    Say hello to Rick! He is a service technician here at Toyota. Rick is originally from Elmira, NY and now resides in Rome, PA. He loves all Toyota models and truly enjoys racing! Another thing Rick enjoys is going out to eat at his favorite restaurant, Bud's Place in Apalachin, NY. Yum! You can find him cheering on the Pittsburgh Steelers during football season! We asked Rick a "fun fact" about himself and he told us that he only has to cut nine fingernails! He also asked us for proof, he isn't lying!

  • Todd Crawford
    Toyota Technician

    Meet Todd Crawford. He is from Wyalusing, PA and resides there as well. He has a love for Toyota vehicle's and enjoys outdoor activities such as hunting and fishing. During the fall he likes to cheer on his favorite football team, the Seattle Seahawks, and during the spring and summer he roots on the Cincinnati Reds baseball team! Todd finds joy in making some laugh and can be a real jokester. When it's time to unwind and enjoy a good meal his first choices are either Binions Steak House or Applebees. Yum!

  • Mike Esworthy
    Toyota Technician

    Meet one of our technician's, Mike! He is from Binghamton, New York and is also a huge New York sports fan. You'll find him rooting for the New York Rangers and the New York Giants. During his free time he likes all kinds of sports such as archery, racquetball, hockey, softball, and motorcycling. When he isn't playing sports and being active, Mike enjoys eating out at his favorite restaurant, Ruth's Chris Steakhouse in Wilkes Barre, PA. Since he works on cars all day, we wanted to know what his favorite vehicle is and he answer either a Jaguar or Audi. Vroom, vroom! 

  • Matt Coon
    Toyota Technician

    Say hello to Matt! He is originally from Erin, NY but currently resides in Elmira, NY. He is a true New Yorker and likes to cheer on the New York Giants. Matt used to race ATV's and jet skis throughout his high school years and go to really enjoy working on those types of machines for fun. He still likes to race for fun! When he isn't racing or working on machines and vehicles he like to enjoy a good meal at Mooney's in Corning, NY. He definitely recommends going if you haven't gone there before!

  • Michael Grady
    Toyota Technician

    This is Michael! He is part of our Toyota of Sayre team. He is from Nichols, NY and currently resides in Waverly, NY. One of Michael's favorite vehicle's is the Toyota Tacoma. During his spare time he enjoys all types of sports and is a huge Buffalo Bills fan! When he travels to Denver, CO he will always make it a point to stop at his favorite restaurant, Macaroni Grill! We asked Michael a "fun fact" about himself and he said "The chickens and turkeys tend to follow me everywhere when it's feeding time!"

  • John Malanoski
    Recon Department

    John is the man behind making sure your vehicles are ready for delivery and spotless! John has been with us for 5 years now and enjoys what he does. He has had the advantage of getting to know almost every make and model we have come into the Auto Group and his favorite model by far is the Ford F-150. John is originally from Waverly, New York but currently resides right down the road in Sayre, Pennsylvania. John has volunteered his time to helping the local community by being a firefighter for the past 34 years. Along with having the pleasure of helping people, John loves to camp, fish and spend time with his family. Both him and his son, Jeramy, share their love for the Texas Roadhouse in Elmira, NY. His favorite meal to get is their prime rib. Yum! On Sunday's in the fall, you'll find him cheering on his New York Giants. A true, New York fan! 

  • Richard Antonetti

    Meet Rick, our maintenance guru! He joined Williams Auto Group after retirement. Rick was born and raised in Sayre, PA and still resides here today. Two valley staples are Yanuzzi's Restaurant and Mangialardo's Restaurant in Sayre, PA. These happen to be his favorite places to go for a good Italian meal! He is a true New York fan and follows the New York Giants and the New York Yankees. Rick is a collector of vinyl records and has around 1,000 in his collection! That's incredible.

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