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Customer Testimonial - Salesperson Dale Brown - January 23, 2014
"We had a very good experience with Williams.  Our previous Toyota was also purchased from you.  We have always dealt with Dale Brown. He is outstanding.  I recommend Williams whenever I know of someone shopping for a Toyota."
Thank you,

Customers Rod & Linda Noldy take delivery of their new 2014 Toyota Sienna from Brian Hughes

January 20, 2014

Stanley Decowski takes delivery of his new 2014 Toyota Tacoma from salesman Cody Winsor

January 20, 2014

Leonard & Barb Sweedy take delivery of their new 2014 Toyota 4Runner from salesman Gary Archer

January 14, 2014

Tom Abell, longtime customer of Joe Mattocks, gets the keys to his new 2013 Toyota Highlander - January 8, 2014

The Rich's stand in front of their new 2013 Toyota Highlander - January 8, 2014

Debra Speer stands with Sales Manager Brian Hughes next to the 2013 Prius C she won at Tioga Downs

January 4, 2014

Customers Harold & Eleanor Draper in their new 2014 Toyota Sienna XLE - January 3, 2014

with salesman Clayton Templar

Customer Jack Crance gets the keys to his new 2013 Toyota Rav4 - December 17, 2013

"We just completed car purchase #6 from Williams Toyota, purchasing a 2013 Rav4. The great customer service keeps us coming back, both for cars and service. I received a good deal with the purchase, and Williams was quick to find the desired color and feature combination! Thanks Brian and Cody for the excellent customer experience, and I know the service of the car will be in good hands with Andy and his crew!!"
Jack Crance

Customers Regina & Stephen Teel stand with salesman Joe Mattocks by their new 2014 4Runner & 2014 Tundra
"Great experience. Great customer service! Highly recommend!"
November 14, 2013

Customers Jessica & David West in their 2013 Toyota Corolla - November 5, 2013

purchased from salesman Clayton Templar

Customers Mark & Roxanne stand with salesman Joe Mattocks in front of their new 2013 Toyota Rav4 Limited

August 13, 2013

Customer Donald Staats and his wife stand with salesman Bill Kohberger in front of their new 2013 Toyota Corolla S

July 17, 2013

Customers John & Abby Fitzpatrick stand by their new 2013 Toyota Prius with Salesman Joe Mattocks

July 6, 2013

Customer Testimonial - June 28, 2013

Ken & Jean Reilly receive the keys to their new 2013 Toyota Camry LE from Emily Osborn

"Super internet experience with Emily. Very friendly, courteous and professional."
-Ken Reilly

Customer Jenn Norton with salesman Denny Sullivan, with her new 2013 Toyota Highlander

Purchased on June 22, 2013

Customer Testimonial - Salesperson Gary Archer - June 10, 2013

"Top notch salesperson and very honest."
-Joseph Nogick

Customer Testimonial - Salesperson Joe Mattocks - June 10, 2013

"I had the best experience with Williams Toyota staff than I have ever had anywhere else.  I was treated with respect.  Everyone helped me to attain the car that I wanted and worked hard at doing it.  I would highly recommend Joe Mattocks and Brian Hughes to be the people to go to."
 Thank you,
Carol Allard

Customer Emily Smith gets the keys to her new 2013 Toyota Rav4 from salesman Dale Brown
"Amazing experience!!" she quoted
Purchased on May 25, 2013

Customer Greg Osborne sits in his new 2013 Toyota 4Runner - May 6, 2013
Purchased from Toyota salesman Cody Winsor

Customer Testimonial - Letter to GM - April 22, 2013

Dear Kevin,
I wanted to thank you for this update about Shawn, but to also pass on to you as GM that it is not just the great service from one of your employees, like Shawn, but your whole team that has brought me back again and again.  Although I have not needed a replacement vehicle, I have certainly taken advantage of your Service Department and have only had excellent experiences.  A recent example:  I had a SES light, code P0171.  I called your Service Department and scheduled an appointment.  My wife brought the car in, but I had cleared the code int he meantime.  Your Service Department members were most courteous in explaining that they needed to have the SES light on in order to properly diagnose the problem.  They treated my wife extremely well, not making her feel like she had wasted their time.  The SES light came on a week or so later; I brought the car in, and within two hours they had me on the road again with a new intake manifold gasket. I take opportunities to tell others of the great treatment I've always received at Williams Toyota, and I wish you and all your employees the very best.
Steve Barrows

Customer Testimonial - Salesperson Cody Winsor - March 26, 2013

"I loved the service I received at Williams. This is the 3rd vehicle my family has gotten through Williams and I would recommend them to everyone I know."
-Danielle Banks

Customers Ed & Karen Giles stand with their new 2013 Toyota Venza - March 15, 2013
Purchased from Emily Osborn & Cody Winsor

Customer Testimonial - Salesperson Dale Brown - February 28, 2013

I recently purchased a 2010 Toyota Avalon from Dale Brown. Dale was extremely helpful, courteous and professional.The whole purchasing process was very pleasant and satisfactory. It was a pleasure to deal with Dale. Also, the individual who processed the paperwork, namely Brian Hughes, was helpful, courteous and "NOT" overbearing,  which is often the case.
Please extend my sincere "Thanks" for a job very nicely done to both of these gentlemen....
Richard B. Rinebold

Customer Testimonial - Salesperson Gary Archer - January 15, 2013

"Very pleased with the car that we purchased - excellent service."
-Thomas & Bonnie Stratton

Customer Testimonial - Salesperson Joe Mattocks - January 22, 2013

"Great!!! Reason we returned was due to service and especially Joe's pleasant attitude!"
-John & Emma Varcoe
Purchased a new 2013 Toyota Rav4

Customer Testimonial - Salesperson Gary Archer - January 18, 2013

"Gary made the whole sales process very easy."
-Dakota Archer

Customer Testimonial - Salesperson Gary Archer - January 9, 2013
"It was a pleasure dealing with Gary Archer in selecting my new ride! Looking for many miles of pampering people all over the Northeast in my new Sienna."
-Chip Lines-Burgess

Customers Pamela & William Burns with their new 2012 Toyota Highlander - December 11, 2012
Purchased from salesman Dale Brown

Customer Douglas Eberlin with salesman Gary Archer - December 3, 2012

Customer Gary Parker - November 29, 2012
Purchased a pre-owned 2008 Toyota Rav4 from Bill Kohberger

Customer Testimonial - Williams Toyota New Owner Events
I attended the New Owners Meeting on 9-27-12 and was very impressed with the professionalism of the staff and would also like to thank Williams Toyota for the great gifts and excellent food offerings. I would recommend Williams Toyota to anyone wishing to purchase a new vehicle.
-Aaron Yale

Customer Shreejith Pillai and his new 2012 Toyota Camry from salesman Clayton Templar

Customer Testimonial for Williams Toyota Service Department
"Thanks Andy and the service crew for another great experience at Williams Toyota. I really like being able to schedule appointments online and am looking forward to using the Android app in the future!"
-Jack Crance

Customer Larry Newberry and his new 2013 Scion FR-S from salesman Gary Archer

Customers Barbara & Martin Breemen with their new 2012 Toyota Corolla from salesman Shawn Mastrantonio
"I can't say enough good things about how I was treated by Shawn when making my car purchase. Very knowledgeable and helpful. A pleasure doing business here."
-The Breemens

Customers Ed & Nancy Schrader with their new 2012 Toyota Camry from salesman Joe Mattocks
"Love our Toyota- last one (2004) lasted 162,000 miles plus and still running well."
-The Schraders

The Davis family stands with salesman Gary Archer with their new 2012 Toyota Tundra
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