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The Toyota 4Runner is a breath of fresh air

Getting outside and away from our often stressful routines is quite necessary to calm our nerves these days. When you hit the road in search of an adventure and some fresh air, make sure you're driving a vehicle that can keep up, like the 2016 Toyota 4Runner. The Toyota 4Runner is one of our favorite models here at Williams Toyota Scion and we think you'll come to agree once you experience the power it packs for yourself.

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Our Sayre, PA Toyota Team Presents our Top Summer Road Trip Essentials

The month of June is officially underway, which means it's high time we start planning our annual summer road trip. Whether you're planning on packing up the kids and all their cargo for a weekend getaway, or you're thinking about hitting the open road with few of your closest pals along for the ride, you'll want to be sure not only that you have all the essentials packed, but that your daily driver is in tip-top shape for your safety, comfort, and convenience.

Here's our Williams Toyota Scion list of must-have summer road trip essentials…

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The Million Mile Toyota Tundra

Toyota customer Victor Sheppard drives an average of 125,000 miles every year in his 2007 Tundra pickup. Sheppard is the sole owner of the truck, and over the course of the past nine years he has amassed over one million miles. Sheppard's maintenance of the vehiclehas include 117 dealership service visits, and thanks to his commitment to regular checkups the vehicle is still in great condition...

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Look Out for Beluga Whales on the Road

Imagine for a moment that instead of a car, you drive a beluga whale around the streets of Sayre. Everyone else rides beluga whales, too.

You would probably be keeping a close watch on where all these other whales are, and where they're going. The last thing you want to see is two massive cetaceans colliding with each other. Just imagine the sheer force of impact it would create.

Surprise! You already drive a beluga whale -- sort of.

The Toyota Camry weighs approximately 1.7 tons. So does the average beluga whale. The heavier Toyota Tundra weighs nearly 3…

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Save Big on Tires with Toyota

Now that it's nearly spring and it's time to ditch the winter tires, there's no better time to get a great deal on your next set when you shop with our favorite Japanese automaker! The Toyota Tire Savings Event is on and, when you come in to a Toyota service center, you can buy three tires for full price and get the fourth tire for just one dollar! No matter what your rolling rubber needs, let us help you get just what you need affordably. See more below:


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The Vagabrothers and the Toyota RAV4 Hybrid

How far can you go on a single tank of gas? This is a challenge that Toyota issued the Vagabrothers with. Never heard of the Vagabrothers? The two brothers, Alex and Marco Ayling, adore traveling and in fact, have made it into their career. Simply combine “vagabond” with “brothers” and you get: Vagabrothers!

In the southern portion of California, the brothers explored the San Gabriel Mountains in a Toyota RAV4 Hybrid. What gorgeous views!

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