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Does Hydrogen Have Potential as a Fuel?

The hydrogen fuel cell was invented in the early 19th century, and has been used to get rockets and astronauts into space since the mid-20th century. It releases no harmful emissions when burned, and is the most abundant substance in the universe.

Could hydrogen be the car fuel of the future?

This year, in California, Toyota is releasing their first hydrogen fuel cell vehicle, the Toyota Mirai. It has both critics and enthusiasts excited.

First, what are the critics saying? As pointed out in the featured video, it takes energy to make hydrogen fuel.

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Do You Say "I Do" to Combined Car Insurance?

With all the attached responsibilities of preparing to take their vows, it's natural for couples to forget some of the outlying responsibilities of combining two individual lives into one. Figuring out how to handle health insurance is tricky enough -- no one wants to have to deal with car insurance, too. That's why we at Williams Toyota Scion want to share the following article from Edmunds.com with our valued customers when it comes to weighing the pros and cons of combined car insurance plans.

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Get Your Roadtrip On With a Toyota Sienna

This famous Vine family always has the camera rolling to make funny videos, and this time they've got their hands on a new Toyota Sienna.

It's got a spacious interior, flexible seating and cargo space, and available leather upholstery. An available dual moonroof opens up the sky to passengers front and back, and if the view isn't enough to keep the kids entertained, a dual-view Blu-ray Disc Entertainment Center is available.

You won't even have to fight over who is too hot, and who is too cold. A three-zone climate control means everyone can set their…

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How Long Have Hybrid Cars Been Around?

If we asked you how long the hybrid car has been around, what would you say? The late 90's, or early 2000's, right?

Actually, hybrids have existed a little bit longer than that.

The first hybrid car was created in 1900, and all-electric vehicles date back even further than that. They were used as taxi cabs in 1897, and all-electric rail cars were built in the 1850's.

So... why are hybrids like the Toyota Prius only becoming popular now, within the past 15 years?

If you were around during the 70's, you definitely remember the oil…

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No Contest: Camry Holds Top Sales Spot

320 × 240

Being a Toyota dealership, we interact with the Camry every day, so we already know what a great vehicle it is. We're familiar with its abundance of features, sleek aesthetic, and superior drivability. We love it, and we are pleased when we see evidence that consumers agree.

OK, we're more than pleased. The latest report from MotorTrend has us ecstatic! Year-to-date sales numbers show that Camry is leading the competition by more than 40,000 units.

At Williams Toyota Scion, we know that once you get behind the wheel of a new Camry, you'll see why it…

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2015 Toyota RAV4 is Ready to Go Places

There's no denying the fact that we can't wait to get our hands on the all-new 2016 Toyota RAV4 at our dealership in the Binghamton, NY area. But, that certainly doesn’t discount the many superlative qualities that you'll enjoy in the 2015 Toyota RAV4.

We’ve found that the 2015 Toyota RAV4 is a great choice for families as it offers all-road capability and a spacious, comfortable interior that's brimming…

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2015 Toyota Highlander is redesigned from the inside out

Toyota designers certainly had a large palette to work with when they revamped the interior of the three-row 2015 Toyota Highlander, and they used the space well.

As a large crossover, the Highlander is susceptible to being pigeonholed into a utilitarian vehicle segment. Thankfully, designers pull out the big guns for this year's refresh, bedazzling the Highlander in premium features and soft-touch materials. There's an overall welcoming feeling to the cabin, making it…

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