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Toyota Pushed the FCV Despite Critics

The Toyota FCV is coming, folks, running on the all-new hydrogen fuel-cell technology set to reside alongside the all-electric vehicles as a gasoline-free driving experience! However, the prospect of having more engine fuel choices isn?t exciting everyone, as many critics are saying it's destined to fail. In response to this, Toyota has released a commercial asking the question: will you support a brighter future or will you cheer against it? Are you a…

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The Toyota Prius Keeps The Huang Family Happy

Did you know driving a Toyota Prius can make you "greener, hipper, and younger"? That's what Mr. Huang told his wife, Mrs. Huang, when she refused his offer to buy her a luxury car and instead chose her beloved Prius. If you haven't met the adorable Huang family, let us introduce you to them now:

We can't claim that driving a Toyota Prius will make you any younger, but we can stand…

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Butts Stay Warm and Smiles are Plentiful with the Toyota Highlander

When you have a big family, buying a new car isn't easy; it's a big family ordeal, a three month family affair. There are certain things that need to be taken into consideration: Will Meemaw get her blue ray player? Will Maggie's butt stay warm? Can Tommy fit in the center console? Well, maybe we personally aren't taking these things into consideration, but the family that Mr. T is trying to…
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Toyota Corolla -- Exciting Sedan Fans for Nearly 50 Years

We at Williams Toyota Scion don't wait for Throwback Thursday to celebrate the history of our vehicles -- but we do like to tailor our video selection to correspond with the featured vehicle specials at our Annual Clearance Event, going on now!

In this 1979 Toyota commercial, these driver are so psyched about the 1980 Corolla Liftback, they're literally jumping for joy:

The Toyota Corolla has been championing the compact car segment since its…

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