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Toyota Explains Fuel Cell Vehicles and How They Work

If you remember back to September, you might recall a blog post that our team published about Toyota's Fuel Cell Vehicle (FCV) finally coming to market. Well at last month's LA Auto Show, we finally got to meet the production version of the 2016 Toyota Mirai.

This uniquely-designed vehicle is certainly groundbreaking but it will be quite a long time before we begin adding them to our new Toyota inventory. That's because…

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Trash to Treasure: Toyota Helps Green Up a Landfill

Toyota is more than just a car company, folks, and they're doing their part to make the future brighter in any way they can. Whether that be creating robots - like ASIMO - that could lead the way to helping the elderly or, as a very recent example, turning garbage into electricity! The Toyota plant in Kentucky is working to generate power from the gas at a local landfill, resulting is less energy drawn from the…

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Style Comes Standard in the 2015 Toyota Corolla

Throughout the years, the Toyota Corolla has gained a substantial reputation for providing value and reliability to drivers in the Sayre, PA area. Of course, the new 2015 Corolla retains those values, but also features stylistic upgrades and amplified performance to spice up your daily driving experience. Who's going to argue with that?

The 2015 Corolla boasts distinctive styling and array of new features that make it certain to turn heads on the road…

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2015 Toyota Sienna -- a Minivan So Stylish, You'll Want to Be the One Picking up the Kids

If you think that the term "tricked-out family hauler" is an oxymoron, well ... you might have been right a year ago, but there's a new vivacious van on the market for the upcoming model year. With the extensively updated 2015 Toyota Sienna comes a whole new level of tech-savvy competition.

No longer is a folding rear bench and CD player top of the line. The control center is fit for a near-luxury model with…

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